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Meet the Founders of  The Spencer House

The Spencer House was founded in 2014 as a Non Profit Organization. Our founder believes housing should be a human right, and provide homes to heal the underlying causes of addiction and trauma. We are a rapidly growing organization committed to those that have the desire to change their lives.

"Just another day in PParadise" 

As Spencer used to say nearly everyday he was down at the beach. He was a grateful man, immersed himself in the glory of every moment, truly living life as if it could be taken at any minute. Sadly on December 4th, 2016 his life was taken, and we are now dedicated to learning to live each one of our days in his memory, ensuring his legacy is as great as he was. ​He is the inspiring motivation for The Spencer Houses.


Becca Turner

As a Real Estate Broker, housing the affluent is her specialty, however, the belief that all deserve to be housed as a human right is her passion in continuing to volunteer her time to ensure those that want to help receive a home and are connected to services and devote to self-improvement. With a firm believe that all have the opportunity to have and become anything they desire by just making changes - nothing changes if nothing changes. Supporting our occupants to evoke change in their lives with the shared goal of becoming contributing members of society in peace, stability and sobriety.


Spencer Turner

Where life ends, new life beings. When baby Spencer was a fetus, his father unfortunately passed away.  After nearly ten years of struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, Pax Prentiss’ life was saved by the holistic treatment program that he and his father created, which is the same program that is available. His mission is to help those who have been dependent on drugs and alcohol and want to get clean and sober in order to continually provide new life.

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