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Holistic Rehab Center

The Spencer House we offer a true alternative to 12-step addiction rehab. We have been providing holistic therapy for people seeking a non-disease model, non-AA, cutting-edge treatment since 2001.

Our alternative treatment program is designed to completely heal all aspects of your life damaged by addiction, including your physical health, your professional & personal relationships, your self-esteem, and more. No two programs are alike, and each alternative treatment plan is customized for you, by you, with your specific situation in mind.

The spencer house, you can expect the very best from our alternative approach to addiction treatment:

  • We will truly represent the definition of holistic treatment, which means we heal the entire person, from the inside out, through a variety of different methods that address mental, physical, and spiritual health.

  • We will treat each client with respect and dignity, and we will never employ punitive treatment methods.

  • We believe that every person is dealing with unique circumstances, and therefore we make every treatment plan unique and do not adhere to the one-size-fits-all group approach.

  • We will focus on healing the underlying issues that are causing you to use drugs or alcohol, and we acknowledge that drug or alcohol abuse is a symptom of a larger underlying problem.

  • We will never make you declare yourself powerless against an incurable disease.

  • We are accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) and licensed by the State of California to offer drug and alcohol treatment, and we utilize diverse therapeutic disciplines from across the world in our program.


What sets apart is that we thoroughly address and treat every aspect as dependency. Our alternative approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is ultimately very straightforward: We do not believe that you are powerless against addiction, and we emphasize healing instead of labeling.

Don’t live the rest of your life one day at a time – live fully, peacefully, and free from addiction with the help of our alternative addiction treatment program now.

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Treatment Methods

Learn about our holistic, one-on-one and non-12 step treatment methods.

Non-Disease Model

Our unique Methodologoffers an empowering approach on healing.

Experience The Spencer House
Breathe in the fresh air of the Pacific Ocean and calm your mind

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Treatment is affordable
with the help of insurance coverage

Confidential Contact Form

You may be surprised to hear that does not believe addiction is a disease. We take a holistic approach to treating addiction and the underlying issues that are causing you to use drugs or alcohol. To learn more, please fill out our confidential contact form below.

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