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"It's another beautiful day in Paradise..."

As Spencer used to say nearly everyday he was down at the beach. He was a grateful man, immersed himself in the glory of every moment, truly living life as if it could be taken at any minute. Sadly on December 4th, 2016 his life was taken, and we are now dedicated to learning to live each one of our days in his memory, ensuring his legacy is as great as he was. ​He is the inspiring motivation for                                          . 


His positive upbeat attitude had him rolling with the punches and he dealt with his fair share, and yet the infectious smile he boasted warmed the hearts and lives of all that he touched. He truly was an angel on earth and now he is watching over us, inspiring us to be the best we can be everyday! It is a challenge, and yet we are dedicated to standing by you every step of the way to ensure you reach your goals not only in sobriety, but with your family and career aspirations. 


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