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Career Opportunities 

Since 2014,The Spencer House has successfully treated thousands of people from all over the world who were once dependent on drugs and alcohol. Ioud to be the industry leader in holistic and non-12 Step addiction treatment. Our innovated and non-12 Step addiction treatment program was founded by Father and son duo, Chris and Pax Prentiss who revolutionized the way we see and treat addiction. We have been recognized as the #1 Rehab in the World by Healthcare Global and featured on Forbes magazine’s “Most Luxurious Places to Dry Out list.

5-Star treatment depends on our reliable and professional team of experts that we value, and who helps make a positive impact on the lives of our clients. It is our mission to help people from all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and genders to overcome substance abuse related issues at one of our state-of-the-art treatment centers.

For more information about Addiction Treatment Centers, our philosophy, mission, or to read Pax's story, pick up a copy of "The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure" by Pax and Chris Prentiss.

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We're Hiring - Join The Spencer House Family!

Working is a rewarding experience that will have you feeling empowered and challenged to grow in your area of expertise. Together, we are focused on making a difference in the world. If you are an experienced, caring, passionate professional who is committed to helping others, we invite you to review our exciting and growing list of career opportunities Addiction Treatment Centers.

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Heading to the Water
Unlike other rehab centers, we don’t believe that addiction is a disease.
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Take a tour and experience the luxurious grounds of the spencer house
The Spencer House Difference
Learn about our holistic, one-on-one and individualized treatment methods.
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