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Detox Program at The Spencer House

Upon your arrival to The Spencer House, our nurses will help you get checked in and assess your detox needs. Your medical doctor will then design a customized detox program made specifically for you. During your detox you will be personally attended to by a team of nurses as your body rids itself of toxic, addictive substances.

We use only the most effective methods and medications to safely bring you off the addictive drugs that your body has formed a dependency to. Our doctor is board certified in addiction medicine, meaning you will receive the most cutting-edge approach to detox. Throughout your detox, our nurses will regularly evaluate your progress and work closely with your medical doctor to coordinate your care.

Medical Consultation
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The Spencer House Difference

The detox suites The Spencer House are top-of-the-line and very comfortable - many of them have ocean views. We can bring meals to your room if needed. You will be offered massages and acupuncture to help ease you through the detox process. Housekeeping will take care of your room each day in order to keep it nice and tidy so you can focus on healing and relaxation.

Automated intake process, saves time and is efficient.

We are confident you will feel empowered and supported throughout your detox. To detox  is to experience the best of the best.

What is our highest priority?

Our highest priority  is safety. We only offer the most up to date cutting-edge services that will ensure your comfort and wellbeing during treatment.

Safety Standards

Given that some detoxes are more difficult than others, we carefully assess you on an on-going basis and have several layers of safety protocols in place to keep you safe and comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Detox

Detox is an essential first step on the road to recovery. When you use drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time, dangerous and harmful toxins build up in your system. The detoxification process works to eliminate these toxins and free you from your physiological dependence on alcohol or drugs. Once you are free of the physiological addiction, your body and mind are prepared for the therapeutic work that follows in the next stage of treatment. Contact us today if you want to know more about detox in The Spencer House, ca.


The Spencer House, located in spencer house, California, we create individual plans for our clients at every stage of treatment, including detox. Our detox methods are successful because we put great care and planning into the alleviation of the physical symptoms of your withdrawal. Our programs employ an advanced range of medical therapies, all tailored to particular forms of addiction. Detoxification from alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs all require specialized medical expertise. An individualized, professionally managed detox program is the foundation for achieving meaningful and lasting sobriety.


Your detox program helps your body recover from the physical dependencies associated with addiction in a safe, supportive environment. Drug addiction works by warping a person with substance use disorder’s metabolism so that he or she literally needs the drugs to sustain normal functioning. Drug and alcohol detox work by gently weaning your body off of the harmful chemicals it was depending on to function and allowing for the restoration of normal metabolic function. Remember, “comfortable detox” doesn’t have to be a contradiction in terms.

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It’s important to reiterate that detox is the beginning of the drug rehab long-term recovery especially since the time you spend in this phase of your recovery is the foundation for everything that follows it. Those who receive only detox support with no other treatment will almost always return to substance abuse usually in the short term. Life after treatment The Spencer House integrates detox as intimately as possible with our drug rehabilitation programs so that clients can build on the momentum they’ve attained during detox in order to successfully navigate the comprehensive addiction treatment that comes next.

Remember addiction recovery is a process that requires full participation and effort. But make no mistake, the effort is worth it. To get sober is to rediscover the world as you used to know it and yourself as you used to be it is to remember why you ever believed life was worth living in the first place. And it all starts with detox.

To learn more about our California detox program, contact us.


The Spencer House, we base our individualized luxury treatment plans on the Stages of Change model. The Stages of Change model, created by James O. Prochaska and Carlo DIC lemente at the University of Rhode Island, illustrated how those seeking to recover from addiction go through a series of “stages” that allowed them ultimately to transcend their addictions and maintain sobriety. This means that we meet you where you are mentally, physically and spiritually, helping you to overcome the deep-rooted issues that have caused your addiction to flourish.

The staff of Life after treatment the spencer house was personally trained by Prochaska on this powerful treatment model. It is the hallmark of our treatment program. Learn more about the Stages of Change

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addiction treatment

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