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The Addiction Treatment Methodology at The Spencer House

At The Spencer House,we focus on healing the underlying conditions that are causing you to use drugs and alcohol. We do this by utilizing a highly individualized treatment program with therapists who are experienced in healing the underlying causes of addiction. We use a myriad of the 12 Step program and Holistic methods, that are catered to each client. Our methodology is highly focused on healing the root cause, creating healthy habits and making changes that safeguard against relapse. Our approach is the strives to keep our clients engaged and enthusiastic about their journey to healing. During treatment, you will feel empowered, instead of powerless. We focus on positive affirmations, habits and thoughts that lead away from addict or alcoholic behavior, and deal with root causes of what is causing each individual dis-ease. Be it mental health, trauma, coping mechanisms, physiological, biological, environmental and social factors. It’s this treatment methodology that sets us apart from other programs. 

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The Four Causes of Addiction

At The Spencer House Residential Treatment Facility and Detox Center we believe that four specific conditions cause an environment where addictive behaviors struggle to continue. If you’re abusing drugs and alcohol find yourself homeless and/or hopeless you must believe there truly is hope for everyone! Implementing one of these underlying habits present in those that have maintained clean life styles where housing is realized as a human right and not an option. Please look at the four conditions below and see if you are aware which one you have a propensity to maintain or have interest in doing so.

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Creating daily habits that allow for substitution of unhealthy situations and propensities. Healing at the root, changing familiar negativity and delving down deep.Call The Spencer House anytime to get the help you need or fill out our confidential contact form below. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Discover Your Cause

Are you curious about what keeps you in the cycle of addiction? Take the Evaluation Assessment to help our admissions team learn about your background so that we can provide you with personalized quality care and support. This evaluation should only take a few minutes and will give us a better understanding of what you are experiencing in this challenging battle of addiction.

History of  Holistic Methodology

It’s been nearly ten years since opening the doors at The Spencer House and thousands of people from all over the world have proved its success and the success of this remarkably life-changing methodology. Together our treatment program has helped save the lives and heal addiction-related issues.

Most simply accept this mentality paved the way of looking at addiction as a disease or a forever broken. 12 Step meetings12 Step sponsorships and doctors who preach the 12 Step methodology We do not discount this method of thought yet we expound upon it by offering healing. 

It is because of the 12 Step treatment hybrid program that we aim to attack the underlying causes driving them to use and abuse drugs and alcohol instead of continuing to tear down the psyche of the individual

The Spencer House staff have learned over the years that a person after treatment can overcome their battle with addiction and live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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You're Not an Addict or Alcoholic

We choose to empower you rather than belittle and demoralize you. No longer requiring the shame associated with being addict or, an imprisoning term that requires one to feel comfort in anonymity, which we highly respect! We believe that every individual who has suffered with addiction has the potential to break free from substance abuse related issues and replace daily habits with healthy, productive ones.

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The Secret of Your Addiction

Whether you are aware of why you are using and abusing drugs and alcohol, or not, our team of therapists will help you discover new and healthy ways of coping with the pain you are experiencing. Learning new techniques of navigating through the difficult challenges in your life will help prevent relapse and keep you focused and healthy throughout your recovery.

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Lower the cost of treatment at
by using health insurance

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Receive the highest level of care available at the spencer house. We are here 24/7 to answer your call or fill out our confidential contact form below to get started.

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