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Find Lasting Recovery at One of Our Luxurious Centers

Tour The Spencer House

During the intense process of addiction treatment, you need to be able to reflect in a relaxing environment. That’s why we make sure your stay The Spencer House includes all the comforts of home and more. Take a look at our serene landscape, soothing accommodations and small touches that make a big difference.

Image by Hanna Zhyhar

Amenities at Our Residential 

Each location is unique but hold the same excellent standards one would expect from Cliffside The Spencer House. Here is a sampling of some of the amenities that you’ll enjoy:

• Private room option (location varies)
• Pool and sun deck (location varies)
• Quintessential California indoor/outdoor living spaces
• Gym
• Yoga sessions
• Outdoor activities (basketball, hiking, tennis, etc.)
• Gourmet cuisine from renowned chefs
• In-room entertainment
• Laundry service
• Massage therapy

Luxury Locations Meet Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

You have come for discreet treatment in the serene coastal town of the spencer house. Now stay for the life-changing, evidence-based therapies. We have a variety of traditional and alternative treatments for a plan that’s well-rounded and personalized for you to be successful in your recovery journey.


Insurance & Payments

The Spencer House accepts most insurance policies as an in-network or out-of-network provider for many commercial insurance carriers. Payment options also include cash, debit card, credit card and bank transfers.



Call now to speak confidentially with an admission counselor.

(805) 200 - 8055

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