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Why Choose Us 

With nearly 10 years of addiction and homelessness focus, The Spencer House has been at the forefront in helping people discover a life free from addiction. 

The program template for the treatment has helped residents throughout our Recovery Homes to focus on clean lifestyles. We treat you with dignity and respect. We do not label you nor make you feel imprisoned to false beliefs about yourself. Instead, we help you see and feel the ability to achieve anything that one decides to work towards. There are no limiting beliefs.


The advantage of this approach is that clients receive a more significant amount of insight and tools to change their lives in a meaningful way then.

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Choosing a Treatment Center
When choosing a treatment center, you only have to make the right choice - once.

If the treatment center you are researching doesn’t have as its primary goal to find what started your addiction and is keeping it alive, how do you expect them to end it?

The reason you have not been able to quit drinking or drugging is that what’s keeping your addiction alive is still within you, driving it, keeping it alive and active. We refer to it as “Your Secret.” It’s one or more of the Four Causes of Addiction.

To discover your secret and heal it, we provide One-to-One therapy with a group of gifted therapists who work as a team to find what they’re looking for: Your Secret; The Cause that fuels your addiction. It’s there, inside every person who is addicted and can’t stop without relapsing. Once your cause is found and healed, stopping is pretty much automatic without a struggle to stay sober.

EVERYONE who is addicted and can’t quit has a secret locked up inside.  we help you uncover your secret and heal it, so it stops driving your addiction, keeping it alive and active. When we find it and treat it, that’s when your addiction can end. Sobriety is a natural part of life.

In choosing a treatment center, if they don’t do the above...keep looking.

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Mind, Body and Spirit

When you participate fully in our holistic treatment program the benefits are tremendous. We offer a completely balanced program that includes intense one-on-one therapy sessions and relaxing methods such as yoga, hiking, spiritual counseling, art therapy, sound therapy, massage, acupuncture, metaphysics group, meditation, hypnotherapy, and tai-chi.

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Discover Your Cures

Four main cures that replace addictive behaviors with healthy habits.. Our team of addiction specialists are here to provide you with the most common examples that have been collected anonymously for nearly 10 years of collected data by past clients. After submitting your quiz to our admissions team for evaluation, they will contact you to discuss your customized program options.

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Since 2014, the spencer house has been focused on a myriad of holistic, and 12 Step addiction treatment. You deserve the best help available. Call anytime or fill out the form below to get started.

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