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Non-12 Step Treatment

The Spencer House offers a holistic approach to treating addiction. Our one-on-one treatment program focuses on healing the underlying conditions that are causing you to use drugs or alcohol. Our holistic program empowers, educates and puts people in touch with their true selves. Unlike other treatment centers or addiction recovery organizations, we do not label you an addict nor do we believe that you have a disease.

While many treatment centers begin to understand the importance of holistic treatment, we were among the first in the field to focus on treating the whole person rather than adhering to a 12-step based model. We have mastered this approach for nearly twenty years and continue to be a trendsetter within the industry.

12 Step vs. Non-12 Step Treatment

Are you curious about the differences between 12 Step and non-12 Step rehabilitation? Here we strive to be sure that there is no confusion between the two approaches. Below is a comparison chart that will help you better understand the major differences that set non-12 Step rehab apart from the traditional 12 Step (AA) method.



Passages’ non-12 Step programs are heavy with customized one-on-one therapy.

We believe that alcoholism and addiction are not diseases. We believe addiction is caused by one or more of four unhealthy mental conditions that can be identified and restored to a healthy state with help from caring, knowledgeable therapists.

We believe that every individual can maintain sobriety, as a natural state of mind, without the need for continual support from a sponsor.

Believes that sobriety is a natural state that can be maintained by anyone, even those who do not believe in a higher power.

We believe that you have the power to triumph over even the most powerful addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Believes that it is detrimental in the extreme to continually identify yourself as an addict or alcoholic.

In 2001, Chris and Pax Prentiss pioneered, their non-12 Step program. In 2007, they authored “The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure.”

12-Step programs are mostly group meeting programs with little or no one-to-one therapy.

The 12 Step Program believes that alcoholism and addiction are diseases and that the “disease” of drug and alcohol addiction is forever.

Believes that in order to remain sober you must have a sponsor with whom you communicate regularly.

Believes you must have help from a higher power.

Demands that you declare you are powerless over drugs and alcohol.

To speak at an AA meeting, it is required that you label yourself as an addict, an alcoholic, or both.

In 1935, Bill W. and Bob S started, “Alcoholics Anonymous.” In 1939, Bill W. wrote the text of their book: “Alcoholics Anonymous.”

Our treatment methodology sets us apart from other rehab centers. Unlike other treatment centers, we do not make you feel like a prisoner during your time with us. We want you to feel safe and cared for as we value the commitment you are making to better your life and improve your overall well-being. While many treatment centers are just now understanding the importance of holistic treatment, we were amongst the first in the field to focus on treating the whole person rather than adhering to a 12-step based model. We have mastered this approach over 18 years and continue to be a trendsetter within the field in terms of innovative and personalized treatment approaches. We do not believe that you need to attend meetings for the rest of your life to maintain recovery; instead, we believe you need individualized therapy to address your underlying reasons for use and heal from within.

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