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Residential Treatment at The Spencer House

Holistic treatment programs from the moment you check in to the moment you graduate you will experience the highest level of treatment innovations and healing techniques to eradicate addiction for good. Other treatment centers cannot match the level of service and expertise that The Spencer House offers.

There are many reasons why unquestionably the best program in the world, but one of them starts with the story of our co-founder, Pax Prentiss. Pax had a ten-year addiction to drugs and alcohol. During that time he sought help at the cookie-cutter 12-Step programs only to find himself lost in group meetings hearing the same tune about addiction being a disease. These treatment centers broke Pax down, making him feel less than human and powerless.

The holistic non-12 Step program The Spencer House was created to offer the things that were lacking in the traditional 12-Step programs. No longer would you be labeled an addict or someone with a disease. It is now possible to heal the underlying causes of your addiction and live the life that you have always wanted.

If you have been to other treatment centers and experienced things counter-productive to healing, you should try The Spencer House. Just like our thousands of alumni, you will be blown away with the quality of our treatment programs.

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Tour The Spencer House
We invite you to take an exclusive look inside the spencer house. Our in-depth tour will help you better understand our non-12 step treatment methods and the luxurious amenities for you to enjoy during your stay with us.
The grounds The Spencer House are breathtaking all by themselves, but the treatment team is what really makes this a special place. Your daily schedule will include a variety of holistic therapy methods that will help you discover and heal the underlying conditions that are causing your addiction. You can finally be at peace, knowing you have arrived at the right place, surrounded by caring people who will help you break free from addiction.
Study Group
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Group Therapy
Residential Treatment Program Breakdown

As a client at one of inpatient rehab centers you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into a life-changing healing experience Re-unlike anything else. Imagine for a minute a cleansing sanctuary where the past can forever be the past and the future feels bright and hopeful. When you arrive? substance abuse treatment, you will undergo a medical evaluation to prepare you for thorough detoxification and a comprehensive, holistic treatment program schedule. It is our priority that your safety and comfort remain at the forefront of your healing process. Our staff is here 24/7 to assist you throughout your stay with us.


Residential Treatment

Many people detoxing from drugs and alcohol will feel the symptoms of withdrawal. we take a careful approach to ensure that your detox experience is as comfortable as possible through the use of medications. Our team of nurses and doctors are available every step of the way. You can feel confident knowing that you are in good hands as your body rids itself of harmful toxins, and you regain stable physical health. In most cases, detox can take up to one or two weeks, depending on the length and amount of substance abuse.

While you heal your mind, body and spirit you can enjoy the many luxurious accommodations we have to offer. Live and breathe free, far away from judgment and shame. Your daily schedule during your stay will include a variety of holistic therapy methods that will help you discover and heal the underlying conditions to your substance abuse related issues. Finally, feel at peace, knowing you have arrived at the right place surrounded by people who are here to help you break free from addiction.

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Treatments & Sessions

The Spencer House, we offer an exclusive variety of holistic treatment methods. Our unique and non-12 Step approach to healing the underlying conditions of substance abuse related issues includes customized program options for each one of our clients. It is our mission that each client receives the most state of the art quality care available. We invite you to explore what  has in store for you?




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The Spencer House  Difference

Our treatment programs are designed to support transformation at every level. From innovative therapy methods to plush bedding and tranquil meditation gardens, we are committed to providing the very best in addiction treatment and luxury living accommodations. Here’s what makes  different:

  • Individual Therapy: At least 14 to 19 individual sessions per week, depending on your program – this is far more than any other treatment center offers.

  • 24/7 Nursing: Registered, on-site nursing staff to attend to your medical needs.

  • A professionally trained and experienced treatment team including various addiction experts, doctors and licensed therapists.

  • Freedom to use cell phones and laptops: Stay connected to family and business during your treatment.

  • Advanced holistic therapy methods: Each customized to meet your individual needs, taking into consideration the specific aspects of your addiction.

  • Immaculate grounds and bedrooms create the perfect atmosphere for healing and relaxation.

  • Family owned and operated - Providing reliable and trustworthy addiction treatment services since 2001.


JCAHO Accredited Treatment Facility

The Spencer House has been successfully accredited by The Joint Commission on all safety and health requirements to ensure the highest level of care available. We are honored to hold this respectable accreditation.

Safety and Cleanliness at Passage

Our staff works around the clock to provide clients with the safest and most sanitary living conditions. It is our primary concern that your comfort and safety remain a top-notch priority during your stay with us.

Unparalleled Resident Accommodations

The Spencer House, we offer top-of-the-line facilities and amenities. Here is just a sample of some of the things you will experience during your stay with us.

Panoramic Ocean Views

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Private & Shared Bedrooms

Plush Mattresses & Premium Linens

Full Gym with Personal Trainers


Secure WiFi & Office Space

Nutritious Gourmet Meals

Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Treatment

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Treatment is affordablewith the help of insurance coverage

Confidential Contact Form

Offers customized addiction treatment programs to fit your specific needs. Call us anytime or fill out the confidential contact form below to get started. There is no better time to get the help you need than right now.

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