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Serving Men & Women throughout Ventura County 

Invest in  

YOUr Future

Allow us to invest in YOU, supporting YOUr journey to sobriety by providing a customized package of exceptional resources for you to heal at the root while developing the routine of a healthy lifestyle.
Holistic Therapeutic Approach  and/or 12 Step Program
Customized Commitment
Recommended to occupants, not required nor provided
Healthy Routines 
Prepare for your future
Career  Consulting
Provided outside the house for those ready to transition.
Healthy Habits
Commit to your health
What differentiates us from the other options:
What is it that defines us in aiding you on your journey to refine yourself and shape a successful future? We believe in a personalized approach, where you have a safe and peaceful place to develop healthy life routines. Together, with the support of those that live alongside you, you can setup achievable goals, so you are accountable and in a supportive environment to achieve your desired outcome. We ensure that the environment gives you the opportunity to delve into and heal the issues that have held you captive. We encourage you to nourish your body with a healthy diet and create habits of health while reaching your potential as well as your emotional and mental goals. After you have rehabilitated yourself and met your goals we have a Business Consultant available to sit down with you and talk openly about your career or business aspirations. We help you create a plan and start working alongside you towards a solid financial future for yourself and your family, as an added bonus, outside the walls of the house.

Preparing you in a supportive setting, to be equipped for a life of confidence,a strong career or business. When you leave, expect to be a stronger, more stable, healthier, and focused individual.